Liquids Research Limited produce ferrofluids based on ferrite and metal particles. A wide range of ready made and custom made magneto-rheological dispersions are also available.


The philosophy of Liquids Research Limited is to supply specialist materials to industry who have an interest in developing new applications for these exciting materials.


As Europe's leading manufacturer of magnetic colloids and related materials, Liquids Research Limited is uniquely placed to provide a comprehensive consultancy service for their clients.


Apart from our standard catalogue products, Liquids Research have a number of client projects underway for development of tailored magnetic fluids, nanoparticles and magnetorheological dispersions.


SphereMAG™: Magnetic Polymer Microbeads

We have used our particle production and dispersion technology to produce a range of magnetic polymer microbeads with average sizes from 0.1µm to 1µm. The initial ferrofluid is produced aggregate free by ultra-filtration giving a uniform particle loading in each bead.


Mean Diameter

COOH Content (μeq/g)



wt% Magnetic

SM1 40





SM1 60





SM.1 50





SM.2 50





The <1µm beads have a 50% weight magnetic loading. The 1µm beads having either a 40% or 60% loading. The magnetic loading is measured using a vibrating sample magnetometer rather than the iron content which gives an over estimate.


The surface level of COOH is comparable to or better than those of our competitors, determined via a titration method. At present all materials are functionalized with COOH groups. Amine functionalized beads will be available later this year.


The size range and distribution is measured via SEM. Sedimentation is similar to or better than those of competitor products and gravitational stability is of the same order.

All SphereMAGgrades are pasteurized and filtered.



DexoMAG™: Magnetic Nanoparticles for Separation, Cell Labelling, Magnetic Hyperthermia.

Liquids Research Limited is a small, specialist chemical company and is Europe's leading manufacturer of customised magnetic particles for a range of applications.

Lysosome separation using DexoMAG™.
Fine particles of ferrites, typically iron oxides are available in a range of sizes from 10nm diameter up to micron sizes. Such particles are available either ready coated with a range of dispersants or in uncoated form suitable for coating with proteins or other materials for subsequent cell labeling applications.

Standard Products Available From Stock.

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Avidin (BKS28)
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 PEI (BKS29)
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Biotin (BKS30)
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Albumin (BKS31)
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Transferrin (BKS32)
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Customised particles for a specific application can be prepared on modest time scales, typically of a few weeks and technical support in terms of coating and attachment can be provided. We also have available a range of biocompatible ferrofluids which are dispersions of the smaller particles and utilise only materials found in biologically compatible materials.

As a company operating in the EU we are also willing and interested to participate in R&D programmes with others including participation in the R&D programme of the Commission of the European Communities.

We are happy to accept speculative enquiries about the range of materials and expertise available in our company.

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